Are you looking for Custom Pony Gear?

Have you ever dreamed of your ideal custom pony gear outfit? We understand the rack does not always fit what you had in mind. Why not talk to Buck about a custom design you dreamed of, or let him run some ideas to you if you are unsure? Buck has designed many outfits and never made two alike. He takes the person’s needs, body, and styles of the pony to create the perfect company for your pony.
The first thing to consider is what type of pony you want to be. Will it be a show pony, cart pony, or riding a pony? Also, look around at gear or clothing you may already have. Most of the time, it can be incorporated into your dream outfit. Think about the movements you will do as a pony. The look of a lot of harnesses is exciting, but if you are going to do a lot of activities, it could cause chafing. So let us help you design your custom pony gear.


Bucks pony Belt with Jock
Bucks pony Belt with Jock

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