About Buck

About Buck and pony play:

People ask me at times how I got into pony play or how I came to be known for pony play. Well it all starts back in 1981. This was before the internet took over, I ran a BBS (bulletin board system) and was connecting to adult mail systems. One was in Long Island and I was in Connecticut. The lady who ran the system in Long Island was also a Mistress and we began talking back and forth a lot. Ended up with a Mistress Sub online relationship of sorts. One weekend I was invited down to visit. After a long conversation she asked if I wanted to try some things. I eagerly agreed, and she had me strip down and did some mild play. Then while I was on all fours she got on my back and said “giddy up pony” I was like what? But a crop on my butt said move on. Once around the coffee table and I was toast. Then she sat in a chair and had me sit on the floor next to her and started petting me and saying good pony. I really liked that part. We did this a few times and she told me I needed a tail to be her pony. So, I made one, I was just starting learning leather craft and the tail compared to what I do now was pitiful. Over time we started going to some of the clubs in NYC like hell fire and the vault and of course I only had my tail on while playing and it got a lot of weird looks. But when her lady friends came over and asked what this was about, she stated I was her pony. Now they all wanted to pet the pony. I said to myself I am really beginning to like this. 

As a male sub you are a dime a dozen, but as a pony people noticed me. This gave me more confidence as I was and still am a pretty shy guy. Heck I used to go to the bathroom at the clubs to take my clothes off, I look back at those early days and laugh, as time went on, I just strip down on stage if required with no thought. But I did find out that when I was a pony, I was more confident in myself than when I was fully clothed as myself.

The saddle:

At one of the clubs I got to meet Danny the wonder pony as he was called. He was not trying to be a pony but did have a saddle and came to clubs to give the ladies rides. I though this was great idea but wanted to add it to my routine as a pony boy. I have gone though a few generations trying to come up with the perfect saddle. Started out with a pony saddle I modified. but it just did not work out like I wanted it to be. I ended up taking a saddle making course and made a real horse saddle. But that ended up being too heavy and bulky. So, then I modified the patterns and used a lighter weight leather and came up with a better version. I ended up selling that one as I did not like the way it looked on me when I stood up on two legs. So finally, the one I have now which I finished in 1992. Lucky I can make all my own gear, or I would have been bankrupt by now LOL. Around the same time, I met a Lady in Massachusetts who we ended up playing for a little over a year and she loved riding in the saddle. This gave me incentive to work out harder and get in the best shape I had been in years. We went to a lot of clubs in Mass, and did demos. Also, at some private parties where they had wooded areas, we would also practice pulling a cart I made. This I was usually always blindfolded. She did blindfold me with the saddle also for short periods of time. This I found really made me listen to the bit commands. Her only issue with me was I was always modifying my gear to make it more functional and she had to learn it again. Yah I got beat some of those time. In 1994 I held a one-day pet event in Connecticut. Even had ponies from Canada and Germany show up. It pales in compare to the pony shows we have now around the country. But people were very excited. It was called Erotic Thoroughbreds. 

 Camp Crucible:

Well the first camps were Leather retreat. Here you could be in pony mode 24/7 if you like. They had carts to use, pony parades, and at the end the famous pony show. They also had scene weddings which I had a throne type cart at the time and hauled the brides to the alter in the cart. 7 years in a row I did this. Along with hauling some ladies to the afternoon tea party.

A lot of people think I have won every award and ribbon available at shows, but this is not true. I have only done demos. Which consist of playing loud fast western songs like the lone ranger and running around with a brave lady in my saddle. And they really loved my happy spins I do. I always got asked how long we had been practicing, I would say well we just met yesterday and today was her first time in the saddle. No one could believe it as we looked so synced with each other. But I had learned a few tricks in how to make the rider look in control, even though they were just hanging on for their life LOL. 

I think I have only missed 3 camps since it first started. And can’t wait for the next one each year. If you really want to experience pony play this is something you must check out.

HBO Real Sex:

I was invited to HBO Real Sex filming in July 2001. Yah pony play near Dallas Texas in temps of 102 in the shade. They filmed us for 2.5 days and ended up cutting it down to a 15 min show. I did manage to be in it doing barrel racing. Just don’t blink watching it or you will miss me.

Over the years I have helped Equss Eroticus with photos shoots in their early editions of the magazine. Also, photo shoots for pony-boys magazine from the other world kingdom. And, a few videos when I was training a pony girl who could carry me on her shoulders. I was interviewed by born in the barn, and a few other magazine articles over the years.

What is Buck doing now?

Well after I retired, I moved to Florida and had figured my pony days were long gone. But Camp Crucible made me an offer I could not refuse so I went back to that and as always had a great time. 

Then I met my current Mistress (Mistress Callissi) on Fetlife, after a lot of talking back and forth and filling out a few questionnaires, we finally met in person over lunch. As time went on, I got to visit her a couple of times a month where we would talk more, and we ended up going to a couple of clubs. Also, Mistress has started training me to her liking which includes chastity, and maybe a piercing in the near future to make it more secure. I love giving up control her, and always looking for more control taken away from me.

Went to one show called FetCon. This event was for adult models and producers form all over the world. I put my saddle on and Mistress led me around and we got a couple of models to hop on the saddle and gave them rides. And the cameras were flashing all around me and a few videos cameras. It was a rush having that much attention. We also held 2 pony play classes there as well. Which we are looking to do more.

If you are looking for a pony play class for your group, please let us know.

I also have opened up the Waterhole Leather again. Online line https://www.waterhole-leather.com or you may find us vending at shows. If you are hosting and event and have vendor space please let us know.

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