Author name: Buck

Since 1992, Buck, the founder of Waterhole Leather, has been an innovator in creating high-quality custom leather fetish and bondage gear, including collars and restraints, in a wide variety of styles. Buck is also well-known for his award-winning pony play gear, which was featured on HBO’s Real Sex series, as well as in many fetish trade publications over the years. While leather restraints, pony gear, and pup play accessories are a large portion of what we create, we offer diverse selections from collars and cuffs, to strap-on harnesses, paddles, floggers, and beyond. We also have extensive experience fabricating custom knife sheaths, holsters, decorative leather work for cosplay and historical reenactment, accessories for motorcycles, and much more.

Three Ring Collar

Elevate your style and explore your desires with our exquisite, handcrafted Leather Three-Ring Collars, now available in captivating colors. We understand the importance of quality, aesthetics, and personal expression at Waterhole Leather, so we’ve meticulously crafted these collars perfectly.

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