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June 25, 2022 @ 4:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Club Fet

ClubFet is a place built for everyone no matter who you are or what fetish/scene you’re into. We’ll try to accommodate you to the best of our ability. Just let us know ahead of time if you need special arrangements for a scene you’d like to do and we’ll try to make it happen.
Saturday nights will always be Open Play for everyone.
Sundays will focus on individual fetishes, scenes or special limited time pieces of equipment.

Nightly Memberships will be sold for $25
We’re also offering Family/House rates for 4 or more people at $20 per person

The Waterhole Leather will be vending on June 25th

Hours of operation:

Saturdays 7pm-1:30am
Sundays 7pm-1:30am

The club is located at:

**1715 N 50th St suite B Tampa Fl, 33619

Next door to Hot Flixxx.**

We’re also an all cash business at this time but there is an ATM on site.
Guest will have to provide a valid ID, agree to rules of conduct and sign a liability waiver.
In addition, Standard BDSM event etiquette will be enforced.

We are not a swingers club!
We are not a strip club!
We are not a dance club!
We are a Fetish Club for the Kink community with a focus on the individual and the diversity that brings us together!

About Us:

Club Fet is a place built for everyone no matter who you are or what fetish/scene you’re into. We’ll try to accommodate you to the best of our ability. Just let us know ahead of time if you need special arrangements for a scene you’d like to do and we’ll try to make it happen.
Saturday nights will always be Open Play for everyone.
Sundays will focus on individual fetishes, scenes or special limited time pieces of equipment.

Full Nude but cant serve alcohol:

We’re operating under the existing Cabaret license that allows for Fully Nude play as long as there’s no penetration.
We’re sharing the place with an After hours strip club, so the same rules apply to us.
According to state law, full nude establishments are not allowed to serve alcohol.
But if you really want a drink you are more than welcome to keep it in the trunk of your car or in your bag. We will be selling Soda, Juice, Bottled Water, Cups of ice and Hot Keurig beverages from the bar.

Please note that if you are consuming alcohol:

You will not be able to play for safety reasons.

You must follow state laws regarding open containers.

You must also be responsible to not drink and drive.

.Open play:

We’ll have several pieces of equipment for our Members to play on. We will not be providing items such as Paddles, Floggers, Riding crops, Pain sticks etc, etc…. It is up to the individual to bring their own or purchase one from one of our vendors.
Open Play can consist of anything you’d like to do with the exception of penetration. If you need assistance or want something special, please reach out to our House Mistress to work something out.

Dressing Room:

For those who are unable to be themselves at home or just want to be discrete when dressing up. We do have a dressing room available for our members to use. The Dressing room has a long Mirror with a counter below it and plenty of space to get ready. All we ask is that you clean up after yourself. If you need to use the dressing just ask any staff member and we’ll be happy to take you to it.


Your safety is very important to us.
Predatory behavior will not be tolerated. Everything will be monitored by The Owner, House Mistress, 2 Dungeon Masters, Door/Security and all other employees. We’ll also have close trusted friends playing that will also keep an eye on things. If you’re having an issue with someone, please tell us and we’ll resolve the issue. We will not play the “He said, She said” game. The issue needs to be legitimate and not just because you don’t like that person.
Members will also be screened through RSO list and a decision will be made by the owner for granting membership. If they are viewed as a possible threat, membership will not be granted. This is not a defense for people on the RSO list, just common sense that some people don’t belong it for various reasons. We have contacts at TPD that can advise us on the decision.

In addition to safety, we’re also a drama free club. I will not tolerate disrespectful behavior towards others. If you’re creating an issue with others, your membership will be permanently revoked and you’ll be shown the door. You will not be allowed back. Fighting and Arguing will also get you permanently banned, We have Dungeon masters for a reason, Use Them! We’re all here to enjoy ourselves and no one has the right to take that away, so Be nice, Be respectful and there shouldn’t be any issues.


All open play and scenes must be consensual. There are no exceptions to this rule!!!
In addition to the established code words between 2 people during a scene,
There are 2 House code words to immediately STOP the scene.
Those code words are “STOP” and “RED” repeated several times over and over while shaking your head from side to side.
If you are Blind folded, ball gagged and have your hands bound together, the signal you would use is Continually turning your head from side to side like you’re saying NO until help arrives.
You can still use your own safe words, we wouldn’t involve ourselves in that.
If you’re sub happens to use the words “Stop” or “Red” repeatedly and shakes their head a lot during a scene, let us know a head of time and what your code word is so we can act accordingly and not interrupt you.

If you do not obey the code words, you will be banned!! That violation of trust is unforgivable and we wont be party to it.


Privacy is a must. No video or pictures are to be taken unless cleared through the DMs and all the people in the photo.

Smoking inside is prohibited. You may smoke outside.

To simplify things:

Masturbation play and full nudity are acceptable.
Penetration play as a scene is prohibited.
Employees are legally barred from handling alcohol but you may still drink if you like.
Obey the Safe words.
No Cameras without permission.
No indoor smoking.
Absolutely No Drama!

Covid concerns:

We take it very seriously so we’re doing everything we can to prevent germs from being spread.

  1. Black cloth facemask will be provided unless you prefer your own.
  2. Hand sanitizer will be provided
  3. Sanitizing wet wipes will also be provided throughout the club. Each table, bar, and play areas will have them.
  4. A sanitizing mist will be sprayed over equipment, chairs, tables and anywhere that can be touched
  5. Each piece of equipment will be wiped or sprayed after each use
  6. Temperature will not be taken at the door. If you show any signs of being sick, you wont be allowed in. It’s for our safety as much as yours
  7. Vaccination cards are not mandatory. It’s pointless to provide one considering anyone can still get it after being vaccinated. Being vaccinated means you’re less likely to get it again and if you do, it wont be as bad. Anyone can still be a carrier, vaccinated or not. Vaccination does not mean immunity

Mask will be enforced but if you need to take a breather from it, we understand. If you’re in the middle of playing and choose not to wear it, we understand. It’s hard to breath through a mask when you’re 20 min into a flogging session. If you’re in a group of people we ask that you to wear it out of respect for the people around you.

I’d hope we’re adult enough to respect each others personal space and keep distance when possible. To help ease concerns; sanitizing wet wipes will be placed throughout the club and available to anyone that would like their area wiped down. Covid is a bitch to deal with and a huge inconvenience but if we can be realistic and respectful to others about their safely, we shouldn’t have any issues.

If have issue with any of the above rules, you are more than welcome not to come until this pandemic is over. We will gladly welcome you with open arms!

Standard BDSM Rules and Etiquette:

  1. Don’t touch anyone or anything (such as another person’s toys) without permission.
  2. Negotiate your role in a scene before entering it.
  3. Make sure play is safe and consensual.
  4. Don’t assume that anyone you meet is single or available.
  5. Be polite to everyone you encounter.
  6. If you choose to play, observe designated safe words.
  7. Don’t interrupt anyone else’s “scene.”
  8. Don’t perform acts of “play” except in designated areas.
  9. Illegal drugs are not permitted.
  10. Don’t take pictures or videos unless it’s approved by the Staff and consent is given from the person.
  11. Refrain from smoking unless it’s a designated smoking area.
  12. Don’t open closed doors. They may be off limits.
  13. Don’t engage in sex.
  14. Clean up after yourself.



June 25, 2022
4:00 pm - 9:00 pm
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Club Fet
1715 N 50th St suite B
Tampa, FL 33619
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