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Bucks rider happy after winning the barrle racing at real sex 2001

Quality Leather Restraints and Pony Play Gear Since 1992

Welcome to the Waterhole Leather LLC

If you are planning to visit my shop, please call first to make an appointment. 860-614-8431.

Since 1992, Buck, the innovative mind behind Waterhole Leather, has been dedicated to crafting top-tier, tailor-made leather fetish and bondage gear, featuring an array of collars, restraints, and various styles to suit individual preferences. Notably, Buck’s award-winning pony play gear gained recognition through appearances on HBO’s Real Sex series and numerous fetish trade publications.

While leather restraints, pony gear, and pup play accessories are among our specialties, our offerings encompass a diverse selection, including collars, cuffs, strap-on harnesses, paddles, floggers, and more. Moreover, our expertise extends to crafting custom knife sheaths, holsters, decorative leather works for cosplay and historical reenactment, motorcycle accessories, and a wide range of other creations.

Embracing the joy of custom orders, we take pride in bringing your unique ideas to life. Whether you desire a set of custom restraints, a stylish yet functional carry holster, intricately designed leather dragon scale armor for your next Ren Fair or convention, personalized saddlebags for your motorcycle, or a limited run of custom sheaths or holsters for your organization, we are excited to fulfill your wishes. Let us know what we can create for you!

Cool Down after barrel Racing

If you can imagine it, there’s a great possibility we can bring it to life! Likewise, if you spot an item on our website but desire customization, whether it’s a different color, size, or strap/buckle variation not listed as a default option, don’t hesitate to reach out to us for details and pricing. We are delighted to assist you!

Rest assured, all our leather products are meticulously handcrafted by Buck right here in Florida, and we take pride in sourcing the majority of our materials from reputable US companies. When you make a purchase from us, you’re supporting a small local business. Unlike mass-produced, cheaply made imports, each leather item you order from us is meticulously crafted by hand.

Are you part of an organization seeking personalized, branded items? Interested in arranging a group discount? Or perhaps you’d like Buck to present a class or demonstration? Get in touch with us for more information!

Don’t miss out on our weekly sales items featured on our website. Be sure to check back regularly for exciting new discounts! Additionally, we are open to website banners and link exchanges, so let’s collaborate and create something exceptional together!


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About Buck and pony play

Sometimes, people inquire about my involvement in pony play and how I became recognized for it. The story traces back to 1981, a time before the internet’s dominance, when I operated a BBS (bulletin board system) and connected to adult mail systems. Among them was one run by a Mistress in Long Island, with whom I engaged in frequent conversations.

Through these interactions, we developed a Mistress-Sub online relationship of sorts. One weekend, she extended an invitation for me to visit. After a lengthy discussion, she asked if I would be open to trying new experiences. Curious and eager, I consented, and she had me undress for some mild play. Unexpectedly, while on all fours, she hopped on my back and playfully exclaimed, “Giddy up, pony.” Confused at first, a gentle crop on my backside encouraged me to move along. We circled the coffee table, and I soon found myself thoroughly engaged.

Later, she settled in a chair, and I sat beside her on the floor, relishing the affectionate petting and her praises as a “good pony.” I genuinely enjoyed that aspect. This playful scenario repeated a few times, and eventually, she suggested that I needed a tail to fully embody her pony. So, without hesitation, I crafted a tail to complete the transformation. And that’s how my journey into pony play began, leading me to become known for this fascinating world.

Cool Down after barrel Racing

The saddle

During my club adventures, I had the pleasure of meeting Danny, also known as the wonder pony. Unlike me, Danny wasn’t portraying a pony, but he had a saddle and would delight the ladies by offering them rides at the clubs. Intrigued by his idea, I decided to incorporate it into my own routine as a ponyboy. My quest to find the perfect saddle led me through several generations of experimentation.

Initially, I modified a pony saddle, but it didn’t quite meet my expectations. Determined to craft the ideal saddle, I enrolled in a saddle-making course and created a real horse saddle. However, it turned out to be too heavy and bulky for my needs. Undeterred, I tweaked the patterns, used lighter leather, and eventually crafted a better version, which I completed in 1992. The continuous refining process was crucial, and fortunately, I had the skills to make my own gear, preventing financial strains.

Around the same time, I encountered a Lady from Massachusetts with whom I engaged in play for over a year. She enjoyed riding in the saddle, motivating me to work harder and get into the best shape of my life. We attended numerous clubs in Massachusetts, performing demos, and even practiced pulling a cart I had constructed in private parties with wooded areas. Often, I would be blindfolded during these sessions, which surprisingly improved my responsiveness to bit commands. While my frequent gear modifications sometimes presented challenges for my play partner, we managed to overcome them and create unforgettable moments together.

In 1994, I organized a remarkable one-day pet event in Connecticut, aptly named Erotic Thoroughbreds. It may not compare to the grand pony shows held across the country today, but at the time, people were genuinely excited. The event attracted ponies from as far as Canada and Germany, adding to the sense of delight and wonder that permeated the gathering.

Cool Down after barrel Racing

In the beginning, the camps were Leather retreats, providing a unique opportunity for participants to fully immerse themselves in pony mode 24/7 if they wished. These retreats offered an array of activities, including pony parades, cart rides, and the much-anticipated pony show finale. In addition to these festivities, they even hosted special weddings where I had the honor of chauffeuring brides to the altar in a grand, throne-like coach.

Over the course of seven consecutive years, I took on this role with great enthusiasm, also assisting some ladies in their afternoon tea parties. While many assume I have collected every award and ribbon available at the shows, this is not entirely accurate. My involvement mainly centered around demos, where I would play lively western tunes like the Lone Ranger theme, galloping around with a courageous lady in my saddle. The happy spins I performed during these demos never failed to elicit excitement from the audience. Interestingly, people were often astounded by our apparent harmony, assuming we had practiced extensively. In truth, we had just met the day before, and it was the lady’s first time in the saddle. I had, however, mastered a few techniques that made the rider appear in control, even if they were, in reality, clinging on for dear life – always leading to humorous moments.

Throughout the years, I have rarely missed a camp since its inception, eagerly anticipating the next gathering each year. If you genuinely desire an unparalleled pony play experience, I wholeheartedly encourage you to explore and participate in one of these extraordinary camps.

HBO Real Sex

In July 2001, I had the exciting opportunity to participate in an HBO Real Sex filming, showcasing pony play near Dallas, Texas, even enduring scorching temperatures of 102 degrees in the shade. Despite the extensive filming over 2.5 days, my appearance was condensed into a brief 15-minute segment, during which I managed to showcase barrel racing. It was a thrilling experience, and though my screen time was short, I made sure not to blink or I’d miss my part!

Throughout the years, I’ve been involved in various photo shoots for magazines such as Equss Eroticus and Pony-boys magazine from the other world kingdom. Additionally, I featured in a few videos, particularly during my time training a talented pony girl who could carry me on her shoulders. Several magazine articles, including Born in the Barn, have interviewed me over time.

As for my current pursuits, after retiring, I relocated to Florida, initially thinking my pony days were behind me. However, Camp Crucible extended an irresistible offer, leading me to return, resulting in more memorable experiences. I then met my current Mistress, Mistress Callissi, through Fetlife. Our connection grew through conversations and questionnaires, and we eventually met for lunch. As time went on, I visited her regularly, and she trained me to her preferences, including chastity, and possibly a piercing in the future for added security. Surrendering control to her is a delight, and I’m always eager to relinquish more power.

Recently, I attended FetCon, an event gathering adult models and producers from around the globe. Mistress led me, adorned with my saddle, and we even offered rides to a couple of models. Cameras flashed, capturing the attention and excitement surrounding the event. We also conducted two pony play classes, a venture we wish to expand upon.

For those interested in arranging a pony play class for their group, they can reach out through our website at https://waterhole-leather.com. We are also available at vending shows, so if you’re hosting an event and have vendor space, please let us know. We look forward to continuing our journey in the pony play community! check out Waterhole Stables


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Waterhole Leather LLC

Waterhole Leather LLC

In 1980, Buck got into leather crafting, a venture that culminated in the establishment of Waterhole Leather in 1992. Throughout years, he has honed his skills and expanded his knowledge, earning a certification as proficient saddle and harness craftsman

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