Gags and Blindfolds

Enhance your bondage gear experience with the addition of our exquisite Gags and Blindfolds, designed to keep your partner both silent and tantalizingly uncertain. Embrace the thrill of sensory deprivation and heightened anticipation with our thoughtfully crafted accessories.

Our Blindfolds come in two distinct styles, catering to different preferences. The modern design features a soft lining of black sheep fur, ensuring comfort while effectively blocking out sight. With a convenient buckle strap, it allows for easy and secure adjustment. On the other hand, our traditional-style blindfold is expertly molded to prevent any uncomfortable pressure on the eyes. Equipped with an adjustable elastic strap, it guarantees a perfect fit for anyone.

When it comes to Gags, we offer a diverse selection to suit various tastes. The Pony Bit gag boasts a polyethylene bit, providing a captivating twist to traditional gags. Our personal favorite, the Pillow gag, combines comfort with functionality, allowing for a pleasurable experience even during extended wear. The Butterfly gag is specially designed to fill the mouth completely, featuring a cover for added allure and a sense of vulnerability. All our gags are crafted from soft garment leather, ensuring both durability and comfort. The filling is made of a safe poly filling, prioritizing your partner’s safety and well-being.

Indulge in these essential accessories to add a new dimension to your bondage play. With our Gags and Blindfolds, you can explore the depths of sensory exploration, trust, and intimacy with your partner.

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